KOPCO prides itself in producing quality four-color magazines and advertising inserts on coated stock. We pride ourselves in the professional workmen and workwomen producing this work. We pride ourselves in the competitive pricing that is the foundation of our success. We pride ourselves in being named one of the Top 500 Printing Companies in America by Printing Impressions, the industries number one trade publication.

“We have been in business for 50 years we must be doing something right” CEO Ken George says.

"I like the company motto we adopted from’In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters’ some years ago:

“The quest for Excellence gives dignity to a person. It gives character to a business. It gives satisfaction to Customers. As long as we seek excellence, and accept nothing less, then our business will succeed like nobody’s business.”

He continues, “We have always been on the cutting edge of print technology. From installing one of the first offset web presses in the Mid-West in 1960 to the installation of our KODAK direct to plate automated system for handling online electronic files to the automated ink adjustments on our presses allowing us to print exacting quality requirements, we have been a leader in the print industry in the Mid-West.

Our customers have complete control of their printing, from downloading of their electronic files, to proofing their product electronically, complete control right up to press time. And then, with our own fleet of trucks, our customers control the exact where and when of their product delivery.”

“Every thing we do is geared to the needs of our customers, always has been and always will be. We realize our customers pay the bills, provide employment. They are the very reason of our existence. And for that we are very, very grateful.”